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Appropriate treatment for your pet may include drug therapy but here at Ashworth Road Animal Hospital we also offer a non-drug approach to therapeutics. By using the Companion Animal Therapy Laser we are able to help control your pet’s inflammation, pain, and swelling. This great alternative medical modality is helpful in both acute and chronic conditions. In many cases the use of the therapy laser will stimulate and accelerate the healing process of wounds and skin conditions. This therapy technique is approved by the FDA and is also used in certain cases in human alternative medicine.

The therapy laser is classified as a Class IV laser and provides an energy beam that is able to penetrate deep into tissues without causing collateral damage to surrounding tissues. The light energy in the laser beam stimulates a biologic action referred to as “photo-bio-modulation”. This effect is what stimulates the control of the pain, inflammation, and swelling.

A typical therapy laser session lasts only a few minutes. Your pet may notice a gentle warm feeling as the tissues are treated. In many cases this in itself is relieving. We utilize our therapy laser following most surgeries to reduce the post-op pain and swelling. We have found it to be very helpful with certain skin conditions that in the past have been extremely frustrating to treat, such as lick granulomas. It is used for acute conditions such as wounds, ear infections and swelling, tooth extractions, sprains, strains, and injuries. We have noticed many of the more chronic conditions like arthritis, periodontal disease, hip dysplasia, acne, and even bladder and bowel conditions greatly benefit from the adjunct use of the laser. In the past these have required chronic use of medications.

The treatment prescription will vary between different ailments. Therefore the number of sessions required will differ on both the condition and the response your pet demonstrates. Acute conditions may only need a few sessions to make the pet better, but chronic conditions may need many sessions, though their frequency can be reduced with positive pet response to treatment.

Be sure to give us a call at 515-225-1807 for more information about the Companion Animal therapy Laser. We can send you an information pamphlet!

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