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Overview – Our practice offers services such as in-house and commercial lab testing, digital x-rays, IV fluid therapy, laser surgery, laser therapy, patient monitoring, dentistry with digital x-ray capability, and wound care. We are able to perform many lab tests at our hospital, which offers both a quicker diagnosis for your pet and added convenience to you. In-house hematology, urinalysis, testing for feline leukemia and heartworm, blood chemistries, and cytology are also offered. We also utilize commercial labs for advanced blood testing and histopathology.

Diagnostics – X-rays are a valuable tool in the diagnosis of many problems. We now offer state-of-the -art digital radiology for enhanced diagnostic capabilities and safety for your pet. The radiology area is closely monitored by the State of Iowa to assure the safety of your pet and our staff. Should your pet’s condition require a stay in the hospital, you can be assured that he or she will receive medical care appropriate to his or her condition. Physical exams and diagnostic testing will be performed to evaluate your pet’s condition. We encourage your visits while your pet is with us if authorized by your pet’s veterinarian.

Surgery – Our surgical facility is state of the art and our staff is well trained in surgical and anesthetic care. For the past 15 years, we have offered laser surgery, which provides for less bleeding, swelling, and pain for your pet. Care will be taken to ensure your pet’s safety before, during, and after surgery. During surgery, your pet’s temperature, blood oxygen level, heart activity, and respiratory activity will be monitored with electronic monitors. After surgery, your pet will be observed closely in the recovery area and all attempts will be made to minimize post-operative pain. Post-op care instructions will be sent with your pet to assure a smooth recuperation.

Dental Care – Dentistry has become a mainstay in preventative veterinary care. Our staff can handle dental procedures ranging from routine prophylactic cleaning, treatment of periodontal conditions, and, if required, surgical extractions of diseased teeth. Digital dental x-rays have become routine in your pet’s dental care. Next time you get “up close and personal” with your pet, smell his breath and take a look at the teeth.

Medications – We have a full service pharmacy for your pet’s medical needs. On occasion, your pet’s prescription may need to be filled at your favorite pharmacy and a prescription will be sent with you. If your pet ever has a reaction to any medication, we ask you to notify us so that we can make a note of it in the medical record to avoid a serious problem in the future.

Boarding – We pride ourselves in our boarding facility. Your pet is assigned his or her own kennel for the entire stay. They are exercised outdoors in our enclosed backyard several times each day. You may bring any special diet or treats, and we will gladly follow your instructions and your pet may have additional walking time if you request. Your dog will receive a complimentary bath the day they go home (cat baths are by request).

Special Interests – Dr. Foss has a special interest in ophthalmology, which is the medical and surgical care for your pet’s eyes. He has followed that interest throughout his career in both practice and continuing education. He has treated many patients from his practice, as well as those from other veterinary practices over the years.

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